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Olde Lamps and Thangs

When you enter Olde Lamps and Thangs in Boydton, Virginia, Boo the dog greets you in the front room, his tail wagging. The store owner, Bill Thompson, can usually be found in the back room restoring one of the 3,000 lamps he has collected over the last 40 years.

The Colonial-Revival style home that has housed Olde Lamps and Thangs since January 2007 was built in 1920 and has four main rooms where Bill showcases his impressive collections of lamps, shades, glassware, and collectibles.

Retired from Mecklenburg Electric Co-operative, Bill's specialty is restoring lamps including converting oil lamps to electric. Over 2,000 of his lamps date back to the Civil War. Aladdin lamps, Depression Lamps, Gone with the Wind lamps, floor lamps, and hanging lamps are just a few types of lamps you will find at Olde Lamps and Thangs.

Among his fine collection of glassware, you will find Fire King, Roseville, Iris and Herringbone, Hull, McCoy, Nippon, and Noritake. Grisold, Wagner, and Magnalite kitchenware also adorn his shelves. Cookie jars, glass bottles, farm items, crocks, jewelry, tobacco items, framed artwork, old signs and other advertisement items, Occipied Japan, and German Hummels are also displayed throughout the store.

Not only does Bill have a lot of antiques, he also has a lot of knowledge about his collections and antiques in general. Though he purchases the majority of his collections through estate sales, he also purchases antiques from individuals.

Olde Lamps and Thangs is located at 317 Madison Street in Boydton, Virginia. Bill's hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. He is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but would be happy to set an appointment for you to come browse his collections.

317 Madison Street
Boydton, VA 23917
Plantation Dog Food
138 Phillis Road
PO Box 460
Boydton, VA 23917
Quilter’s Nook

Hello and Welcome! I am Colette Rose Marie Boring and I am the owner of Quilter’s Nook in Boydton, VA. Mecklenburg County’s only quilt shop.  It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you as well as my shop and delightful patterns.

I have lived here with my husband Bobby in Boydton for 22 years. We love it here, the small town charm and rural surroundings are just what we wanted. I am a graduate of Longwood University and have taught children in school for the last 20 years. I sincerely love helping children learn but over the years my passion of teaching had been replaced with a passion for color, design and quilting.

I started Penny Slate Designs in 2005. After trying to design a simple piece, I found I could design and write patterns successfully.  At first, my patterns were based on a Western theme then floral, seasonal, tropical and historical designs followed. While designing, I happened upon a quick and foolproof method for completing a complex design The Press & Peel Pattern System® was invented.

As a result of the patterns, the need for a close fabric/quilt shop surfaced. To meet this need I rented a booth in Clarksville’s Virginia Avenue Mall to house the fabrics and to show my designs. Well, others quilters needed the fabric as well and sales started to climb.

With the never ending pressure placed on teachers it wasn’t a hard decision when I found the perfect location for a real quilt shop right here in Boydton.  The Quilter’s Nook was born.  I am very happy here. The Town of Boydton, Historical Boydton Renaissance as well as the citizens here have given me plenty of support and encouragement. This is a wonderful town to start a business or a family. I am currently in negotiations with some top fabric companies to promote my patterns and their fabric.  Business is good and I am very happy to serve surrounding area quilters with beautiful fabric, notions, classes and exclusive Press & Peel Patterns.

Happy Quilting,
129 Bank St
Boydton, Virginia